Santesson – Reformpolitikens strategier (Atlantis, 2012)

Alldeles utmärkt – beskriver bra förutsättningarna för politisk reformverksamhet.” Lars Tobisson, moderat nestor

Jätterolig läsning … Riktigt intressant … Boken flyttar fram kopplingen mellan statsvetenskapens resultat och det politiskt användbara.” Ursula Berge, Samhällspolitisk chef, Akademikerförbundet SSR

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The end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness. The remarkable thing is that the cessation of the inner dialogue marks also the end of our concern with the world around us. It is as if we noted the world and think about it only when we have to report it to ourselves.

Eric Hoffer 

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Hur är det för nördar att sitta i fängelse?

Frågan ställdes Quora. What is it like to be a geek in prison? Många har nog undrat samma sak, så där lite till mans. Hur skulle en sådan förläst sparv som en själv kunna klara sig i den hårda miljön? Det är som en urban motsvarighet av historien om hur en civiliserad person kastas ut i vildmarken och tvingas upptäcka hur lite stadens färdigheter är värda i naturen. Eller finns det något bytesvärde i kontorsfärdigheter och förläsenhet?

Svaren kom i form av många självupplevda berättelser och vittnesmål om livet innanför.  (Något som gör Quora intressant att besöka – när kniviga frågor får initierade svar.) Å ena sidan en tämligen positiv historia. Nörden klarade sig bra, lärde sig mycket och förfärades av det han såg på vägen.

I'm a hacker who served 4.5 months of a 9 month sentence 5 years ago. I was in two jails in that time, spending the majority of the time in the second, lower security place. The experience totally changed me, but in a positive way. […]

It started when someone came to me and asked what I knew about mending mobile phones. In UK jails, many people have mobiles, usually obtained by over-the-fence smuggling. Pay-as-you-go credit vouchers are a major form of currency. This guy was very important on the wing - he had a crew of other guys who walked around with him and people often came to pay him. I said I knew enough about phones, and what did he want? […]

He went round telling everyone that I was some tech wizard and that people should always come to me with their problems. In return for the job he arranged for me to have a Playstation 2 in my cell for two weeks, and to get access to a phone whenever I wanted. For the rest of my time, people would bring me trivially broken electronics and I would retire for the evening to make it out like I was doing something difficult, then return the fixed item the next day. It massively increased my quality of life in there.

Hans historia, och många av de andra, är väldigt läsvärda och Hollywoodesque. Alla har inte samma tur som mannen med mobiltelefonen. Man kan vara 17 år och sättas i fängelse i Alabama i stället.

I spent two years in prison and was sent there when I was 17. I am 19 now.  The Alabama prisons are horrible.
I was very sheltered growing up, and when I was 17 my father forced me to steal from some people because we didn't have any money. […]

The first place I went, was one of the worst places, the juvenile wedge in the Mobile metro jail, the 16 and 17 year olds in Alabama jails are horrible and the most violent of them all.
I was the only white boy. They always attempted to steal from me and rob me, and literally terrorize me, throwing piss on me, or spitting in my drinking cup.
They let the inmates fill up the other inmates drinking cups. […]

The juvenile wedge was located right next to the suicide wedge.
The loudest wedge in the entire 2000+ jail. That is where they put the drunks, the crazy psychopaths who had just murdered their whole family, and even more nutjobs. One man gouged his father's eyes out with a spoon.(I can reference that, as well.)  They would beat constantly and scream and moan all night long. 
I remember specifically the one's who would never stop beating on the clear plexiglass walls of the suicide cells. They were in there naked, (all of them). At one time I saw my own father in there, after he had gotten jumped in another wedge and his nose broken and both eyes completely blackened. They put him in their for "protection".

Miljön låter som ett mentalsjukhus från förrförra seklet.

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